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Management Packages


Ideal for startups and small businesses getting started in social campaigns.
$ 250 Monthly
  • Monthly Fan Page Banner Design
  • Weekly Social Post (4-5/Month)
  • Custom Graphic With Posts


Perfect for small businesses that want to outsource most inf not all of their social media marketing.
$ 450 Monthly
  • Monthly Fan Page Banner Design
  • 2 Weekly Social Post (8-10/month)
  • Custom Graphic With Posts
  • Monthly Performance Reports
  • Social media Optimization


Ideal for businesses that are ready to accelerate the volume and transform their business.
$ 850 Monthly
  • Monthly Fan Page Banner Design
  • 3 Weekly Social Post (24-35/month)
  • Custom Graphic With Posts
  • Monthly Performance Reports
  • Social media Optimization
  • Weekly Onsite Photo and Post (Local Only)
  • Monthly Strategy Session Meeting
  • On-Call Consulting/Support
  • Content Writing *

Facebook Management Service Details

Monthly fan page banner design – Staying current is vital to your Facebook page relevance. A new monthly graphic banner let’s your social audience know your business is current and alive.

Weekly social posts – Putting content out their for your social following is important. It keeps them engaged to your brand. Your brand may experience faster growth with increased post repetition.

Custom graphic with posts –  Posts might include your content, or another source. That means it’s important to ensure the images associated to the post fit your brand. 

Monthly performance reports – You should be assessing your social engagement monthly to confirm what social media strategies are working and what aren’t. We’ll make sure you have a full social report delivered to you monthly. 

Social media optimization – Messages on social media platforms can be tailored so that they have a greater impact on specific groups of individuals. Graphic, hashtag, and keywords should all work together to maximize brand impact, product exposure, discounts, and call to actions.

Weekly onsite photo and post (local only) – Great for small businesses like restaurants and service based companies to connect with their local customers. We’ll take a photo on site (ie. newly arrived product, a new staff member, restaurant patrons, the house specialty dish, etc) and post it. This is a great way to engage your local fans.

Monthly strategy session/meeting – 1 hour meetings held monthly to evaluate what is currently working, what should change, and discuss new strategies to implement. 

On-Call Consulting/Support – We’re available to answer your questions, address unforeseen issues, or consult on potential opportunities.

Content Writing * – Optionally, we’ll help generate new content by recruiting writers to write articles relating to your company and industry. Additional costs will apply.

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