Reasons You Need A Website

Why do you need a website? There are so many reasons you should have one. I know you may want to push off making one, or maybe you think you can get away with pushing it off for another year. Don’t wait! Starting a website is vital to your business. Online business is skyrocketing, 30% of consumers won’t even consider a business without a website nowadays. 
Consumers more often now shop online, and online business is becoming both more convenient and more eye-catching then older methods. Facebook and other websites will host ads, which grab attention and bring consumers onto your website. Consumers are more likely to visit 10.4 sources before purchasing. It is also likely that if the consumer has a bad experience, 9 out of 10 consumers will not return to your website. That is why you should make sure you get the best website possible. That’s why we are here!  

Reasons that you should have a website

Get a digital business Card: Most people spend about 23.6 hours online each week and nearly 5 hours on a mobile device. That’s insane!  It would be smart to put your business where people spend most of their time, which is online. Online businesses are becoming more and more popular, such as Amazon. Amazon is one of the world’s largest businesses, and it is online!
A website acts as a digital business card because people can refer to your website and a link to your website. This is just one of the many reasons for starting a website and will boost your business’s popularity.  

Become discovered in search engine products: Most people don’t just browse the internet anymore to find websites or businesses. People use search engines, and most look for local companies. Having your business pop-up on a search engine will spread your business’s name to locals and boost your business’s traffic. 

Your business should be accessible online and a searchable website such as a “.com” instead of “.net” or “.org”. Your website should use keywords that most people use when searching for a business or a website related to what your business is all about. This will not only bring more traffic to your website but spread to popularity across the internet. 

Having a well-built website is like a “First Impression”: Having a website is like your online face. It is going to show what your business is made of, and what you stand for. It is your bill-board online, and the first impression is everything. Fifty-seven percent of people will most likely not recommend your website if it is poorly designed. That is why your website must be well-built and well made by people who are trained professionals. This will not only help give you the best-looking website but will give you a good business face for your online front. 

Local businesses are most shown on mobile search engine products: Having your company show on a search engine is great for business! The thing is that it would be even better if your website was made to adapt to mobile format. Google tends to rank local businesses higher if someone is using a search engine from their mobile device because if someone is searching for a business on their mobile device, it is most likely they are looking for a business near them. That is why your business should not only have an online computer format but should be well formatted for a mobile device as well. 

Your Website is not “Nine-to-five”: Unlike your business in the real-world, that closes when you and your employees leave for the night, your website is open 24-7. Even when your actual business is closed, consumers online can still browse your site and put in orders. This means your income will come in all the time, not only during business hours. This will help spread your popularity and expand your business opportunities.

Other local businesses probably already have one: Unlike you, if you are visiting Singler Design, other businesses near you probably already have a website. They are thinking ahead, and they want to be known as a tech-savvy business who knows their marketing. You don’t need to be left in the dark ages, you can join in with your other competitors and start a website. It will boost your confidence and your popularity in the online realm of business. You can be on the same level as your other local competitors by starting an online business.  

How do I start a Website?: 

Did we convince you of needing a website? Well, now you may be wondering “where do I start?”. We are here to help! At Singler Design, we can help you on your way to becoming an online business. We both build you a professional, beautifully designed website, and we host it for you as well. Our job is to help you get onto the online community of business owners so you can compete with your competitors the right way. We make you the website of your dreams and help you on your way to becoming a successful business owner. So what are you waiting for? Don’t be afraid to call us! 

Thank you so much for visiting our site, if you have any questions, call the number below. Don’t wait, call us anytime!

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