Some Sample Projects

Friske ecommerce website

Friske Farms

Web Development: had multiple business avenues that were difficult to organize with original wix site. We developed a WooCommerce storefront, integrated all social media, moved products, created mailing lists, and handled all web related needs. We modified themes and created custom checkout processes to boost order value. We worked closely with the client and achieved a strict deadline on time.

The original website development until launch took approximately 75 hours.

Ongoing Role:
We currently manage Friske’s Hosting, email marketing, and monthly graphic design and online changes. We have trialed facebook ads and google marketing ads as well.

Used Book Store Website

Adventure Awaits Used Books

Graphic Design: was selling used books on social media groups and marketplace when we met. The client needed a storefront to maximize and save during checkout and shipping. We developed the logo and branding first. The client loved the look of an open book with mountains to show ‘adventure’. 

Web Development:
We developed a website that integrated social media and created mailing lists. The client had 10,000 books to add to the store, so we developed an API which allows the client to simply scan an ISBN and it will import all details of the book from the ISBN database. This saved countless hours of time on her part. We also created shortcuts so the client could add the book cover type, used condition, and quick changes. 

Time: The website development described above took approx. 45 hours.

Ongoing Role:
We are currently managing Adventure Awaits hosting and ongoing needs of the client. We recently added “shop more of these best sellers” to increase checkout value.

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